Lititgation and
crisis management

In litigations, we strive to protect your corporate reputation and outline the truthfulness of your declarations. 

Our practice combines legal technicality with business and communication expertise to serve your strategic interests.

Our practice focuses on:
  • Criminal law
  • Business criminal law
  • Legal representation before and after the trial
  • Leaders civil and criminal liability
  • Risk of warranty against executives
  • Executive litigation and governance
  • Partners litigation
  • Executive dismissal, resignation and compensation
  • ACPR
  • AMF
  • French Competition Authority
  • Political mapping and negotiation
  • Leveraging legal and statutory entities
  • Proposing diverse scenarios and wording
  • Legal support to protect your corporate reputation and image
  • Auditing online reputation and proposing e-strategy (SEO, SEA)
  • Online reputation cleaning
  • Production of dedicated content
  • Crisis management (leaders, board, lawyers, regulators)